Saturday, August 17, 2002

Hiya people. Tahiti was great. It really does look like the magazine pictures.
Auckland, New Zealand, is also really nice. It's not such a "touristy" place where there's heaps of museums for you to visit, but there's nice places to eat and the style is quite similar to a less busy San Francisco.
This current Net Cafe has a bunch of people playing quake and etc. They have huge 19" monitors here. And the 'net line is fast enough to be decent. Makes me wish I had my card reader so I could put up my pics. :)
Okay people, off to Napier which is 5 hours south.
My Dad had lost his bag saturday night (It's sunday here, international date line and stupid things like that) and it had his passport. But luckily the theater where it might have been lost called this morning. Had to tell the police to rescind the stolen item report. He thinks it was a thief... I'm not so sure.
Hmm, okay, so I'm in the Newmarket area of Auckland where it's sorta quaint in the fact that most the buildings are two floors and there's little shops in the bottom of the buildings. That's right. Freecia is shopping. Again. Well, the dollar is so strong here! It's basically $1NZ = $0.5 US so heh heh heh. Freecia likes it here. We stayed on the America's Cup Village area (sailing races place) and other than being slightly windy and cold, it's nice. Especially after Tahiti prices and French language.
I'm trying to get my geeklog up but I'll do that when I get back. Geeklog is sort of what it sounds like, geeky web log. :)
Kiki People. Sorry the graphics don't come up but I moved the site. !