Saturday, June 22, 2002

Ah same city, Killarney, a day later. I recently got a message about how rainy it was at home.
well, let's compare.
Los Altos:
Today: Jun 22 Partly Cloudy 75°/51° 0 %
Sun: Jun 23 Partly Cloudy 81°/51° 0 %
Mon: Jun 24 Partly Cloudy 82°/51° 0 %
Killarney, Ireland:
Tonight: Jun 22 Showers Early 48° 10 %
Sun: Jun 23 Mostly Cloudy 59°/48° 20 %
Mon: Jun 24 AM Showers 59°/49° 40 %

So yeah. riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiigggggggggggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhht.
Actually, it is quite nice except for personal challenges, I'm still sickish a bit and sleepy. The room was realllly cold and it being a bed and breakfast, not somewhere where we can call at 1 am and ask for more blankets.
Today we went to the town of Dingle and saw lots on the way. We saw these beehive houses built thousands of years ago. And a monastary/oratory that is also very old.
The sheep here must be related to the flourescent rumped Davis cows because they have marks, too. Blue paint for boys, Pink paint for girls. The yellow ones are anyone's guess...
Anyhow, Dingle and Slea Head are the westernmost points of Europe. So, that's what we did today.
We were going to go to the Ring of Kerry tomorrow but decided not to. Instead we might go see the Lakes of Killarney and Torc Waterfall. We were told by another traveller that Kerry was fairly anti-climactic after Dingle and the tour is like, €20. So we're going to keep our money and take it easy tomorrow, I hope.
Monday we head into Limerick, a northern more city, by bus. We'll stay in Bunratty, about 10 km from Limerick.
Okay, off back home with me. People to call!

Friday, June 21, 2002

oh right. to send a text message. try that. We will see if it works.
If you have requests and questions email
Helloooo there.
Welcome to my trip.
We set off at 5 am ish on the 18th for our first flight, SFO- toronto. It was late for an hour because the potty was sort of broken. Don't want that for a 5 hour flight. Toronto... Airport... is a bit. boring. I spilled some hot water on myself and proceeded to nurse my finger like it was the most important appendage I have. Well, it is very useful.
We then got on the flight to London Heathrow Airport. We got stuck in the seats right before a bulkhead so you can't lean back very much. Hehehe, but then we moved up a row (on a fairly full flight) and monopolized two seats each. HAHA. We thought we were set (we= Melissa and Freecia). God was not so kind, he had placed 3 young brats a few rows away. They were loud. They will probably be drinking at a really young age and be those loud singing drunks who think they can carry a tune but can't. They decided to be loud for the first 6 hours and when everyone finally gave up on sleeping and started on breakfast, a perversity occured. They became quiet. One mother for three young boys, one of which was still in the carseat deal. Yeek.
Next came a two hour bus ride to London Stansted Airport, a different airport. This was at 7:40 am Greenwich Mean time... The English countryside is quite dignified, green and tame-ish. Onto Stansted where we checked into our ryanair flight(really cheap) and I called home and woke my parents to tell them I was okay.
The afternoon we finally got into Dublin was spent shopping. LOL. right, of course. We went to Lush, a bath shop. No it doesn't sell Guiness. We wandered around Dublin, got some money changed, just looked through the windows. Our Apartment at Gogarty's B&B, associated with the famous Gogarty's pub. It had 2 bedrooms, 2 baths, and etc etc etc. Let's just say it was really cool.
The next morning (Thursday) we got up and went to get a cell phone... Mandate of Freecia-Papa. Finally at 10:50 am or so we got one. We had arranged to meet a friend of Melissa's Uncle Craig in the afternoon. So, we went through Trinity College where the Book of Kells is kept. One awesomely old work. Then we did a quick jaunt over to Dublin Castle. The nice thing about dublin is that everything is within a decent walking distance. After that we got on a bus to Ashbury, a small town north of Dublin. We met Pat, Uncle Craig's friend and a beer fiend. He drove us over to Newgrange, a neolithic site. Theory is that it is a tomb or religious site. I happen to think it is a 'fridge. We drove around County Meath for a bit longer. It is lovely. We headed back into Dublin and I dragged Melissa sweater shopping because Io was afraid of dying of cold. Weather has been good to us but still, it is cold. And I am still coughy. We had dinner in the Bad Ass Cafe in Temple Bar. Last was a net cafe and then headed home to bed.
*hack cough cough hack cough "Are you ok?"-melissa "yeah *hack cough cough hack cough cough cough bends over and coughs some more* Ahh, all over* I am still cought through not really sick.
We headed out of dublin this morning on a train to Killarney. When we got in we went to the Copper Kettle, decided on a room upgrade because it has a Jacuzzi and by this point our backs hurt, feet, and my legs are sore. It was worth the extra 7€ each (about $7) per each night. So we starve a bit more. We get baths! Then we wandered around town where we did the same old rendition of "I have no idea of what I want to eat, just give me food. "
Note:smoke here is prevalent. It stinks. It makes me hack. I do not like them, sam I am, I do not like stinky smoker man.
So then we went and saw the Gap of Dunloe, Ross Castle, and Muckross House. And Aghadoe Mountains next to a nifty hotel. I wish I could connect my digicam but they don't seem up to that speed, yet.
So then we did the dinner thing... same as above. Did more shopping in there, bought a few gifts for me and James. Then we hit here. After we are going to make good on our investment. I bought bath salts. Okay, maybe too much info. I'm trying to find mobile phone calling cards 'cause it real 'spensive like $.30 minute for USA to call here. And €1 for us to call USA. nothing to receive calls, tho. :)
Anyhow, I think it is time I went to take my robitussin. Enjoy the pretty colors on the page.
Tomorrow: Dingle and Slea head. Yes, Dingle. No, not via Dangerous hitchhiking. Via a tourism bus. AH yay, to act like part of a herd. The price you pay for not driving yourself. Laters people.