Sunday, June 30, 2002

Okay I put a commenting feature in.
However, this computer prozy is going slightly nutso and I only have 7 minutes left anyhow 'cause my commenter and reformating my pages to actually allow enetation and not look hideously ugly (which it might still and I promise I'll fix this probably by July 4th) And the site might actually move, too. 'Cause I do own a url and I've just been too cheap to spit up the cash for a host.
today we went and visited Buckingham palace. We decided not to wait around for the changing of the guards.
Then we headed over to the V&A so I could see the tiaras. The 20th century exhibit was pretty cool, too.
Um, we had a late lunch at the Hard Rock in London, the original. They had this ultra cool vault where you could pick up precious items like Eddie Vedder's guitar and such. They had a trumpet from Miles Davis. Super Awesome. Got to sit on Jimi Hendrix's pillows (muchly cleaned of course)
And then we got to Kensington Palace but it was closed.
There was another Lush invasion, tomorrow if we get to Covent Garden, I'm sure there will be a third. (but not final, they have one in Heathrow airport in Terminal 2)
Tomorrow should be Tower of London and Kensington plus other goodies. We're hoping to see a play but we'll see if anything is actually available.
So anyhow, there's plans of me utilizing my domain ( and since I've got loads of photos plus loads more to take tomorrow, I think it might be time to cough up the cash.
okay 30 seconds left. ciao babes