Sunday, July 07, 2002

Okay, so an update is much in order.
I got back into town July 2nd and flew out July 4th to Oregon, where my parents had been vacationing.
In our last day in London we went to the Tower of London which is really cool and make sure to allot enough time.
Visit the crown jewels first. The Koh-I-Noor diamond is only a little smaller than my fist. Everything in the Crown Jewel area is very sparkly.
Kensington Palace was nice but the exhibit sometimes dragged on a bit. Plan your visits for the August and September Buckingham open house. That, I think, is cooler, unless you want to see the royal wedding dress exhibit and some of Princess Diana's dresses.
We stopped at Leicester Square (pronounced Lester as far as I can tell) and thought we'd catch a play on our last night. We wound up catching a preview (something that hasn't put on the "grand opening" yet I guess) of the Lieutenant of Inishmore. It's really funny with a mad bomber and his beloved cat. Very bloody though.
There was a last minute dash for gifts and a Haagen Daaz (which is actually from New York, by the way) indulgence.
We did some last minute shopping as we went through Heathrow Airport.
One bit of advice, never take an international transfer through Toronto if you can. They had no less than three security checks, though it didn't seem like the scanners were paying much attention, and they make you turn on and off all your electronics. More annoying was going through canadian customs, the luggage pickup in the first terminal, dropping it off, going through security, going through a tunnel, going through security, picking up luggage at the end of a long walk, going through security, going through US customs, and dropping off the luggage. URG.
We mostly stayed up on the flights home with a little bit of napping.
I got back around 10:30 to home, called my parents, and went to bed.
Then I got up, did laundry, went to see Men in Black 2 with James and Kalyan, who happened to be in the area. Then I went home and went to bed again, pretty much.
Ted (my cousin) gave me a ride to the airport on July 4th. We bopped along in his car to dance tunes. Ted had become a music blasting person. It is quite hilarious considering in high school he mostly listened to classical music. (Ted's six months older than me) But ah yes people grow.
Oregon was nice. We went to see Noises Off, a comedy, which oddly enough was also playing in London. It was quite funny and you should see it if you get a chance. Then we went on to Redding, which was like, 96. Ick. Went and saw Shasta Dam and Lake. The water was really green.
And back we came. Tada. End of Freecia and planes.