Monday, August 19, 2002

miss you all. using the slowest computer I have in such a long time. I think this is PI? perhaps II? Napier is really beautiful. All hell cold, but gorgeous. It's known for it's Art Deco work which is really nice.

Saturday, August 17, 2002

Hiya people. Tahiti was great. It really does look like the magazine pictures.
Auckland, New Zealand, is also really nice. It's not such a "touristy" place where there's heaps of museums for you to visit, but there's nice places to eat and the style is quite similar to a less busy San Francisco.
This current Net Cafe has a bunch of people playing quake and etc. They have huge 19" monitors here. And the 'net line is fast enough to be decent. Makes me wish I had my card reader so I could put up my pics. :)
Okay people, off to Napier which is 5 hours south.
My Dad had lost his bag saturday night (It's sunday here, international date line and stupid things like that) and it had his passport. But luckily the theater where it might have been lost called this morning. Had to tell the police to rescind the stolen item report. He thinks it was a thief... I'm not so sure.
Hmm, okay, so I'm in the Newmarket area of Auckland where it's sorta quaint in the fact that most the buildings are two floors and there's little shops in the bottom of the buildings. That's right. Freecia is shopping. Again. Well, the dollar is so strong here! It's basically $1NZ = $0.5 US so heh heh heh. Freecia likes it here. We stayed on the America's Cup Village area (sailing races place) and other than being slightly windy and cold, it's nice. Especially after Tahiti prices and French language.
I'm trying to get my geeklog up but I'll do that when I get back. Geeklog is sort of what it sounds like, geeky web log. :)
Kiki People. Sorry the graphics don't come up but I moved the site. !

Wednesday, August 07, 2002

There seems to be some problems publishing. I don't quite know why. Enetation, the commenting service, is sort of down and I can't change my registered address. So, pleae do not try to use it.
okay so i found this new tool to post to blogger by using aim!

Sunday, July 07, 2002

Okay, so an update is much in order.
I got back into town July 2nd and flew out July 4th to Oregon, where my parents had been vacationing.
In our last day in London we went to the Tower of London which is really cool and make sure to allot enough time.
Visit the crown jewels first. The Koh-I-Noor diamond is only a little smaller than my fist. Everything in the Crown Jewel area is very sparkly.
Kensington Palace was nice but the exhibit sometimes dragged on a bit. Plan your visits for the August and September Buckingham open house. That, I think, is cooler, unless you want to see the royal wedding dress exhibit and some of Princess Diana's dresses.
We stopped at Leicester Square (pronounced Lester as far as I can tell) and thought we'd catch a play on our last night. We wound up catching a preview (something that hasn't put on the "grand opening" yet I guess) of the Lieutenant of Inishmore. It's really funny with a mad bomber and his beloved cat. Very bloody though.
There was a last minute dash for gifts and a Haagen Daaz (which is actually from New York, by the way) indulgence.
We did some last minute shopping as we went through Heathrow Airport.
One bit of advice, never take an international transfer through Toronto if you can. They had no less than three security checks, though it didn't seem like the scanners were paying much attention, and they make you turn on and off all your electronics. More annoying was going through canadian customs, the luggage pickup in the first terminal, dropping it off, going through security, going through a tunnel, going through security, picking up luggage at the end of a long walk, going through security, going through US customs, and dropping off the luggage. URG.
We mostly stayed up on the flights home with a little bit of napping.
I got back around 10:30 to home, called my parents, and went to bed.
Then I got up, did laundry, went to see Men in Black 2 with James and Kalyan, who happened to be in the area. Then I went home and went to bed again, pretty much.
Ted (my cousin) gave me a ride to the airport on July 4th. We bopped along in his car to dance tunes. Ted had become a music blasting person. It is quite hilarious considering in high school he mostly listened to classical music. (Ted's six months older than me) But ah yes people grow.
Oregon was nice. We went to see Noises Off, a comedy, which oddly enough was also playing in London. It was quite funny and you should see it if you get a chance. Then we went on to Redding, which was like, 96. Ick. Went and saw Shasta Dam and Lake. The water was really green.
And back we came. Tada. End of Freecia and planes.

Sunday, June 30, 2002

Okay I put a commenting feature in.
However, this computer prozy is going slightly nutso and I only have 7 minutes left anyhow 'cause my commenter and reformating my pages to actually allow enetation and not look hideously ugly (which it might still and I promise I'll fix this probably by July 4th) And the site might actually move, too. 'Cause I do own a url and I've just been too cheap to spit up the cash for a host.
today we went and visited Buckingham palace. We decided not to wait around for the changing of the guards.
Then we headed over to the V&A so I could see the tiaras. The 20th century exhibit was pretty cool, too.
Um, we had a late lunch at the Hard Rock in London, the original. They had this ultra cool vault where you could pick up precious items like Eddie Vedder's guitar and such. They had a trumpet from Miles Davis. Super Awesome. Got to sit on Jimi Hendrix's pillows (muchly cleaned of course)
And then we got to Kensington Palace but it was closed.
There was another Lush invasion, tomorrow if we get to Covent Garden, I'm sure there will be a third. (but not final, they have one in Heathrow airport in Terminal 2)
Tomorrow should be Tower of London and Kensington plus other goodies. We're hoping to see a play but we'll see if anything is actually available.
So anyhow, there's plans of me utilizing my domain ( and since I've got loads of photos plus loads more to take tomorrow, I think it might be time to cough up the cash.
okay 30 seconds left. ciao babes

Saturday, June 29, 2002

Ah yet another day gone by in London. It's been tumultuous.
Yesterday we went to the Tate Modern. That was pretty cool.
The Dali museum is also interesting, but the picasso and Chagall exhibits weren't very entertaining. And they were way overpriced. We also made a quick stop at Yo! Sushi where they do the sushi boat thing but on conveyer belts.
We made a visit to Waterstones, supossedly the largest bookstore in Europe. Quite possible... Though it really isn't all that large.
However, the highlight of my day has been me, sorta sick. Last night sorta pukey feeling. I think my body was telling me to slow down. The subway gets really hot. And outside it is sorta cold...
So most of today was spent sleeping. Then when Melissa got home from her sighseeing(portabello market, victoria and albert museum, etc) we spent some time trying to decide what to do/eat. We headed for wagamama's noodles after deciding Thai food would be good but since we didn't have a restaurant guide, not to be found. Wagamama was good, except the service spotty. And they drowned something in the classic chinese glenatinous stuff. The miso was good though.
I got woken around 2 pm by room service which oddly enough for a 4* hotel, called to ask when it could come and clean the room. Pardon me, but at a 4* hotel, if the guest doesn't want to leave the room and wants to sleep, by all means let her sleep. Or if she is sick, send sick person goodies. Hah. On a connected note, the receptionist told us that Nelly Furtado was staying at our hotel and was having drinks in the bar earlier. How funny.
So I tried to rent a phone but you need a £500 security deposit so I gave my credit card but it was denied and after calling the company twice, once through customer service which was supossed to have fixed the limitation(they have a lot of overseas credit card fraud), I actually got to talk to security who fixed it right. Then we realized that we could just use the Ireland phone and a phone card, like we had been.
Harrod's got a 10 minute visit from us today. Very spiff. It was closing, though, so we did have to leave. Phooey. It's HUGE.
Whhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. Went by the food hall. The only other food hall I want to visit more is Fortnum and Mason's where it's tea heaven! Maybe tomorrow? Oooooh, they ship internationally. As James knows, I'm partial to tea mugs, bags, and blankets (or most things doing with sleep). TEEEAAA....
The net here is really slow today. And I'm trapped with N'Sync (I'm guessing... games with my heart?) on the radio overhead. When will yahoo mail let me in? My time is almost over.
So tonight we'll go home to the exciting laundry! Lol. I'm still sleepy, which mostly makes melissa envious and slightly disgusted. And she didn't sleep well... most likely because I invaded her bed space. I don't sleep well when I am sick.
Okay. Tomorrow will be nifty and eventful... Promise! I feel lots better. Guess it's just the classic case of needing rest.
(Yes mommy and daddy I am okay now and will go to bed early)
Oh, the london underground is evidently the place to snog. (kiss) Tons of people were out today in the evening. making towards the hot night life spots, I guess. And nope, I not going. Freecia gonna be good. Oh shush Drew. I'm not a big clubber in the first place and it is definitely not something to do when I'm recovering. The coughing is less now, too.
bye bye

Thursday, June 27, 2002

Hmm, so there's been another scene change.
Bunratty was cool. We stayed in this awesome bed and breakfast, ashgrove house in bunratty. The owners are just super helpful and nice.
Bunratty Castle was so-so. Cool, but really, not all that much my cup of tea. It sorta smelled and was dank and makes me glad to be living in this day and age with down blankets.
The Cliffs of Moher was foggy. The postcards and guidebooks makes it look nice but I can't really vouch. Then we went through this area called the Burren and got sorta car sick.
We tried the car rental thing but it really was a disaster. First, we're too young. Second, there were no cars available from the one place that would accept (possibly) younger drivers.
So we just got into London today, our plane was delayed from Shannon Airport. Then after we took the express train into london from Stansted, we braved our way to a ticket counter and for an underground/bus pass for 7 days because it was cheapest. At practically £20 I don't know how cheap it is.
We checked in after going halfway across london on the Tube. Then I made a frantic look for phone cards because my mom called.
THE PHONE NUMBER HAS CHANGED please don't call me on the cell. It's like €3/min in london. If you need to call, please call the hotel. +44 (0)20 7674 1000 room 536 under the name of Melissa Pak. Thanks!
Then I proceeded to want to go to Yo! Sushi but I thought it was somewhere where it wasn't so we took a nice little useless ride around the underground. We started where we came from and wound up going there and seeing it close (there's one in Selfridges, a british sort of Nordstroms). So we went to Marks and Spencer and ate in the food hall. The other option was McDonalds. We then wandered around their basement grocery store (yes grocery in the bottom of a department store). Then we got some underwear and socks so there's less laundry to do! :) Hey, it was £6 for 5 pairs. That's really cheap.
We noted the various sales (lots and lots) and visited the fcuk (french connection uk). yes, I know what it sounds like.
And now hopefully if Melissa decides she's had enough, we'll go back to the hotel because James called and I want to call him back. My parents called today, too. Doesn't everyone love me?
More adventures of Freecia Wang forthcoming. Thanks, and Sayonara.

Sunday, June 23, 2002

My legs are tired. Today we decided to bike around the sights.
We went to Ross Castle again because we wanted to hire a boat to take us out to the Island there. They didn't show except when we gave up and took a tour of the Castle. Then when we were in the castle, 15th century and later, on the second/third floor, we saw the boat from an arrow slot. Bleh.
Huff puff huff curse those darn slow uphills... we went and played in traffic. One mile on the main road with cars whizzing by and we got on a bike path. Huff and puff some more. Those slightly uphill areas will get you. We stopped at Muckross Abbey for a view and went on.. somewhat daunted. However, the promise of food and bathroom encouraged us... for about another 1.2 km. Then we got to Muckross house and headed for water and food. I tried to help some ladies who didn't speak English. Their lock on their bikes was stuck. I don't know if they ever got it open. I hope so. We had a late lunch. Potty break and some deliberation, we decided not to go the full 5 miles around one of the smaller lakes. We were already tired.
These Europeans can really walk! we saw some people doing what we were doing, around 10 miles or more, walking. At least it felt like 10 miles. We'll figure it out.
Continuation- we went to the Torc Waterfall. Lovely but not much that we haven't seen. We ate major little bugs going there and back. It was pretty much shrink your eyes, keep your mouth shut, and bend your head down so the bugs don't go up your nose and bike like crazy. Right before this point we actually enquired as to if we could go on a horse buggy and stick our bikes on the back. As it was like €15 per person, we decided to make our way back into town.
So we actually did make it and really, it wasn't all that far. We only walked our bikes up one steeper hill. We managed to avoid most of the horse umm, refuse... so it really wasn't too bad. We got in some small traffic jams with the walkers and horses.
So then we pretty much limped back to our room and once again praised our college intelligence that told us to take the room with jacuzzi. Two showers and one bath later, plus what looked like a music video show hosted in Gaelic, we set out for food. And now after being fortified, here we are. (update: evidently it was about 16 miles)
And to bed I go. I hope I don't hog all the covers again... But they gave us an extra blanket so I should be warm.
Tomorrow we go to Limerick and off to Bunratty. We need laundry.

Saturday, June 22, 2002

Ah same city, Killarney, a day later. I recently got a message about how rainy it was at home.
well, let's compare.
Los Altos:
Today: Jun 22 Partly Cloudy 75°/51° 0 %
Sun: Jun 23 Partly Cloudy 81°/51° 0 %
Mon: Jun 24 Partly Cloudy 82°/51° 0 %
Killarney, Ireland:
Tonight: Jun 22 Showers Early 48° 10 %
Sun: Jun 23 Mostly Cloudy 59°/48° 20 %
Mon: Jun 24 AM Showers 59°/49° 40 %

So yeah. riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiigggggggggggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhht.
Actually, it is quite nice except for personal challenges, I'm still sickish a bit and sleepy. The room was realllly cold and it being a bed and breakfast, not somewhere where we can call at 1 am and ask for more blankets.
Today we went to the town of Dingle and saw lots on the way. We saw these beehive houses built thousands of years ago. And a monastary/oratory that is also very old.
The sheep here must be related to the flourescent rumped Davis cows because they have marks, too. Blue paint for boys, Pink paint for girls. The yellow ones are anyone's guess...
Anyhow, Dingle and Slea Head are the westernmost points of Europe. So, that's what we did today.
We were going to go to the Ring of Kerry tomorrow but decided not to. Instead we might go see the Lakes of Killarney and Torc Waterfall. We were told by another traveller that Kerry was fairly anti-climactic after Dingle and the tour is like, €20. So we're going to keep our money and take it easy tomorrow, I hope.
Monday we head into Limerick, a northern more city, by bus. We'll stay in Bunratty, about 10 km from Limerick.
Okay, off back home with me. People to call!

Friday, June 21, 2002

oh right. to send a text message. try that. We will see if it works.
If you have requests and questions email
Helloooo there.
Welcome to my trip.
We set off at 5 am ish on the 18th for our first flight, SFO- toronto. It was late for an hour because the potty was sort of broken. Don't want that for a 5 hour flight. Toronto... Airport... is a bit. boring. I spilled some hot water on myself and proceeded to nurse my finger like it was the most important appendage I have. Well, it is very useful.
We then got on the flight to London Heathrow Airport. We got stuck in the seats right before a bulkhead so you can't lean back very much. Hehehe, but then we moved up a row (on a fairly full flight) and monopolized two seats each. HAHA. We thought we were set (we= Melissa and Freecia). God was not so kind, he had placed 3 young brats a few rows away. They were loud. They will probably be drinking at a really young age and be those loud singing drunks who think they can carry a tune but can't. They decided to be loud for the first 6 hours and when everyone finally gave up on sleeping and started on breakfast, a perversity occured. They became quiet. One mother for three young boys, one of which was still in the carseat deal. Yeek.
Next came a two hour bus ride to London Stansted Airport, a different airport. This was at 7:40 am Greenwich Mean time... The English countryside is quite dignified, green and tame-ish. Onto Stansted where we checked into our ryanair flight(really cheap) and I called home and woke my parents to tell them I was okay.
The afternoon we finally got into Dublin was spent shopping. LOL. right, of course. We went to Lush, a bath shop. No it doesn't sell Guiness. We wandered around Dublin, got some money changed, just looked through the windows. Our Apartment at Gogarty's B&B, associated with the famous Gogarty's pub. It had 2 bedrooms, 2 baths, and etc etc etc. Let's just say it was really cool.
The next morning (Thursday) we got up and went to get a cell phone... Mandate of Freecia-Papa. Finally at 10:50 am or so we got one. We had arranged to meet a friend of Melissa's Uncle Craig in the afternoon. So, we went through Trinity College where the Book of Kells is kept. One awesomely old work. Then we did a quick jaunt over to Dublin Castle. The nice thing about dublin is that everything is within a decent walking distance. After that we got on a bus to Ashbury, a small town north of Dublin. We met Pat, Uncle Craig's friend and a beer fiend. He drove us over to Newgrange, a neolithic site. Theory is that it is a tomb or religious site. I happen to think it is a 'fridge. We drove around County Meath for a bit longer. It is lovely. We headed back into Dublin and I dragged Melissa sweater shopping because Io was afraid of dying of cold. Weather has been good to us but still, it is cold. And I am still coughy. We had dinner in the Bad Ass Cafe in Temple Bar. Last was a net cafe and then headed home to bed.
*hack cough cough hack cough "Are you ok?"-melissa "yeah *hack cough cough hack cough cough cough bends over and coughs some more* Ahh, all over* I am still cought through not really sick.
We headed out of dublin this morning on a train to Killarney. When we got in we went to the Copper Kettle, decided on a room upgrade because it has a Jacuzzi and by this point our backs hurt, feet, and my legs are sore. It was worth the extra 7€ each (about $7) per each night. So we starve a bit more. We get baths! Then we wandered around town where we did the same old rendition of "I have no idea of what I want to eat, just give me food. "
Note:smoke here is prevalent. It stinks. It makes me hack. I do not like them, sam I am, I do not like stinky smoker man.
So then we went and saw the Gap of Dunloe, Ross Castle, and Muckross House. And Aghadoe Mountains next to a nifty hotel. I wish I could connect my digicam but they don't seem up to that speed, yet.
So then we did the dinner thing... same as above. Did more shopping in there, bought a few gifts for me and James. Then we hit here. After we are going to make good on our investment. I bought bath salts. Okay, maybe too much info. I'm trying to find mobile phone calling cards 'cause it real 'spensive like $.30 minute for USA to call here. And €1 for us to call USA. nothing to receive calls, tho. :)
Anyhow, I think it is time I went to take my robitussin. Enjoy the pretty colors on the page.
Tomorrow: Dingle and Slea head. Yes, Dingle. No, not via Dangerous hitchhiking. Via a tourism bus. AH yay, to act like part of a herd. The price you pay for not driving yourself. Laters people.